Accepting the consequences for behavior is being accountable. The additional guilt or shame created by these circumstances can influence a person to continue to abuse drugs or alcohol, guilt and shame in recovery creating a vicious cycle. Consuming drugs and alcohol are harmful activities. Ever since the user was a child, they had been told ‘not to do drugs’ by authority figures.

Many people may have been in situations where they were required to endure pain, demonstrate self-reliance, or prioritize others over themselves. However, in recovery, you may be asked to share your pain with others, seek assistance from your support network, and focus on yourself. •The difference lies in how these feelings are managed. When you’re struggling with substance misuse and addiction, you might do things you wouldn’t have done while sober to satisfy your craving. You could have done or said things to loved ones that caused harm to your relationship or their well-being.

What are the benefits of letting go of shame?

And that is, is that around in society, and we’ll talk about why this is the case, there’s more judgement about addiction than anything. And it’s next to impossible not to internalize, I don’t care what age you are in your addiction. It even gets more complicated here, Clint, because it’s not just being addicted. The crazy thing is there’s a stigma about being in recovery. And I and I practice with them, this forgiveness practice.

It’s fair to say that you may face certain unique challenges as you progress in your recovery. The way you are impacted by, and respond to, guilt and shame can be quite intense. Every time you address a problem like guilt or shame directly, you show that you are capable of far more than you may realize. This can serve you well throughout your recovery journey.

Ask for Forgiveness

After beginning the journey to recovery, it can be very common to start feeling guilty and ashamed of the things you did while inactive addiction. It can be easy to dwell on these dark emotions and to feel overwhelmed by them, but sitting in them for too long is a good way to set yourself up for arelapse. They form part of the negative feelings that people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction experience in varying degrees. If you could start to unravel it, however, you would find that these feelings aren’t identical at all. After that, you need residential addiction treatment with intensive therapy to help process your feelings in a safe setting, and thereby give you the tools needed to prevent relapse. Our addiction treatment center meets all of these needs, in an intimate, rustic setting. To continue to live a life that is free of the feelings of guilt and shame, acknowledge your value system.

how to overcome shame and guilt in recovery

Active addiction pushes us to do things we wouldn’t normally do just to survive. When you’re addicted to something, you have to find a way to get the thing you are addicted to, every day. It doesn’t matter how you get it or who you hurt in the process. All you can think about is getting your drug of choice. You feel compelled to meet your addiction’s needs no matter what the cost. To the addicted person, meeting that need is more important than eating, sleeping or any other basic need. Being able to recognize and identify what you are feeling is a significant part of recovery.

Why People Feel Shame in Recovery

Holding onto the things you did in the past when you were struggling with addiction or the shame of having an addiction will only harm your recovery. How substance misuse has impacted their finances. Guilt is a common emotion people experience during recovery, but once apologies are made, it shouldn’t be a feeling that’s clung to. Shame tends to go a bit deeper and can affect how a person thinks or acts. Shame can cause negative thoughts or behaviors that influence a person’s quality of life.

Overcoming shame and codependency requires a safe environment where you can be vulnerable, express yourself, and receive acceptance and empathy. Then, you’re able to internalize a new experience, begin to revise your beliefs about yourself, and build self-esteem.

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